It all starts with a dream.  Little girls fantasize about their dream wedding; prince charming, fancy dress, a day where she can feel like  a princess.  Our mission is to make every bride be and feel like a princess.  The Glass Slipper bridal is the one place where you can shop for everything you need for your big day.  Wedding dresses from the very simple to the most elaborate and in any color you can imagine.  Rhinestone jewelry and tiaras to give you that special sparkle and make you stand out.  We also have all kings of accessories as well such as shoes, sashes, veils, etc. Our friendly staff is here to make your special day one that you will remember for a lifetime.  Helping you to make dreams happen.
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We would love to see your photos.  Send us your photos to us so we can share 
with others how beautiful your day was.  You can send your photos to  The only information we would like is your fist name and that's it.  Once we receive your photo we will add it to our photos wall.