Frequent Questions
General Questions

Do you have a printed catalog?
We do not have a catalog as of yet but it is currently a work in progress.  It will most likely be completed by the end of December of 2015

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. We do not accept COD payments

Where are you located?
We are located in the Colorado Springs, CO area.  We are able to keep our prices so low because we are an online store only. 

How do I contact you?
Our friendly employees are here to help in anyway we can.  You can contact us in multiple ways:

You can email our customer 
service reps 24 hours a day and
someone will get back to you 
right away

​You can contact us during 
regular business hours under our
contact us page or the home page

20715 Via Feliz Point
Fountain, CO  80817​

Dress Questions

How do I choose a dress size?
To make sure you get the perfect fit we strongly suggest you order the dress in your measurements.  This will insure that the dress is made specifically for your body shape.  If you order a stock size there is a size chart on every dress page that will show you what the stock sizes are and the measurements for that size.  If you do choose a stock size we cannot guarantee the right fit for you. We are not responsible if the dress does not fit you properly if you do not send us your measurements. Wedding gowns run smaller than normal clothing sizes. If you wear a 12 in normal clothing, you would most likely wear a 14 in a bridal gown.

How can I take my own measurements?
Under the Dress Information page which is located on the home page there will be a How to Measure and size guide that tells you step by step how to measure and what areas you need to measure.  If you are not able to do it yourself you can have either a family or friend help you or some alteration places can do the measurements for you.  

If I choose a color other than ivory or white how do I know the dress will be the same color as the color chart?
This is a good question and one that others ask a lot.  Colors on a computer can look different than the actual color of the fabric.  We try to match the color as close as possible to the color of the dress you have chosen.  The best way to make sure you get the color you want is to order a fabric swatch of the color you are looking at.  This will insure you will see the color and the fabric that you are wanting.  

Why does it take so long to get a dress shipped to me? 
If you are ordering a dress that is for your specific measurements, then the dress is made specifically for you.  It does not take as long to have a stock size dress shipped to you but again we strongly suggest reading the How Do I Choose a Dress Size question before doing that. 

Can I get rush on my dress?  
Absolutely.  We offer rushes on any dress you would like to order.  When ordering your dress as a rush you will be charged a $29.99 rush fee at checkout.  This will insure that your dress is pushed ahead of the line and made according to the date you need it.  Keep in  mind that even on a rush we still need at a minimum of 22 days to make your dress.  Anything less than 22 days we will not be able to complete on time. 

What is considered a rush?
A rush order is considered any order that needs to be received sooner than the normal process time the dress can be shipped if a stock item or made and shipped if it is a customer measurement.  We need a minimum of 22 days to send you the dress due to shipping and processing. 

Where are the dresses made?
All of our dresses are made here in the United States. 

Can I get my dress by a certain date?
You can absolutely get your dress by a certain date as long as it meets the time given either regular time or on a rush. We cannot do shipping less than 22 business  (including Saturdays) days from the time of the order due to order processing and shipping times. When you are ordering your dress you will need to put a date of when you need the dress.  If you need a dress in less than 30 days for a custom measurement, 22 days for a rush,  If the rush box is not checked we will contact you to let you know that your order is a rush order and see if you want to proceed with the extra charge.  

What is the processing time for my dress?

Any dress orders  have Processing/Tailoring Time and Shipping Time.

Processing/Tailoring Time - The time it takes to prepare/tailor your item(s) to ship from our warehouse or factory. As a unique selling point of The Glass Slipper Bridal all of our dresses can be custom made (except In Stock items which will be ready within 12 business days before shipment). Normally, it will take 30-35 business days to tailor a new dress before arranging shipment. It might be more or less, which depends on individual dress style and order quantity. Once your order has been placed, a notification e-mail will be sent to inform you the estimated delivery time of your order. If you have any questions about the delivery time, you should contact us within 48 hours. 

Shipping Time - The time for your item(s) to travel from our warehouse to your destination. Normally, Shipping time depends on your shipping method. Please check the following information for more details about the available shipping methods.
Fedex: 2-7 post days (depends on express or regular shipping)
USPS: 2-7 post days (depends on express or regular shipping)
Please make sure you have allowed adequate time before your actual dress wearing date. We cannot be held responsible for the delivery time by the shipping company. When your order is shipped out, a notification will be sent to the e-mail box you registered on our website. You can find a tracking number in the Email and you can track the status of order online.

​How is the dress shipped?
Your dress will be shipped in a keepsake box that you can reuse to store your dress after your event.  It is placed in the keepsake box inside out to keep it away from any dirt or water while it is being shipped.  Your keepsake box comes in it's own shipping box so it is shipped very carefully and securely to insure no damage to the dress. 

​Where can I try on a dress before I order it?
Since we are an online store only we do not have a way for you to try on the dress.  This is why we strongly suggest you order the dress with your own measurements and not the stock size.  We are able to keep our prices low for our customers because we do not have the overhead a brick and mortar bridal shop has so we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. 

Can I return the dress if I don't like it?
The Glass Slipper Bridal does accept returns on the dress in special occasions.   If you don't like the size, color or quality of the dress you received, you may return it according to our Return & Exchange Policy. Please refer to Return & Exchange Policy for the detail attentions and steps to return your dress if needed.  If you don't like the style of the dress received, we are afraid that we have no control and responsibility of your personal taste to the style after you received the dress. Please DO choose the right style you want before ordering.

Is my purchase secure over the internet?
Your purchase could not be more secure with us. All your sensitive information is transmitted with 128 bit encryption directly through PayPal and Google to your credit card company. No one ever sees your credit card information. Our employees receive your name, items on your order and shipping address ONLY. You have a better chance of having some one else having your credit card number going to a store than typing it directly on your computer. You are also guaranteed your purchase through your credit card, PayPal and Google

What is the difference between buying from The Glass Slipper Bridal Online versus buying from a store or on eBay?

First and foremost, selection. The Glass Slipper has hundreds of different dress styles to choose from. Almost of our gown photos were taken by a local photographer in our distribution center. The gown you see in the photos is the gown you will receive. Other sites use magazine photos or photos that are not their own.

Then, of course, there’s convenience. You can shop in the comfort of your own home or office. You don’t even have to dress up (unless, of course, you’re at the office). You can shop for your dress in a robe and slippers with your hair in rollers, if you want, while drinking your favorite beverage. And let’s not forget your friends and family. People who you might want to look at your dress, or help you decide between two or three dresses. They can look at your choice(s) from their home or office, at their convenience.

Not only will your shopping experience with us be convenient, it will be worry free. We have bridal sales consultants available to help you find the perfect dress for the perfect price. You can contact them by email or contact them by phone. Either way, your questions will be answered in a friendly, knowledgeable manner.

Next, we offer peace of mind. We have been in the bridal business for over 8 years,  Also, unlike traditional bridal shops and other online bridal companies, we welcome exchanges and returns so you can purchase your dream dress hassle-free.

 Every purchase is backed by a Money Back Guarantee.
Finally, there’s price. At The Glass Slipper Bridal you get brand new, first quality dresses that are less expensive than bridal shops. We have the same dresses that are in local bridal shops. The reason that our prices are so low is because we do not have the overhead of a bridal shop. We are online only, that is the reason we have great prices. 

A word about eBay. eBay is, perhaps, the largest marketplace in the world. And terrific savings can be had for many items. However, wedding dresses are not one of them. This has nothing to do with eBay, itself, but rather some unscrupulous sellers. .

Can I cancel my order in the process of production?
Once your order has been placed and paid, you may cancel within 24 hours before work as begun on the production of your order. We do not offer cancellation or refund once work has begun on your order. If you are cancelling before work has begun, then we will refund your payment in full via whichever payment method you used. If not, we will impose related fees according to the executable state of your order.