Ordering Information
To make sure you get the best fit for your dress we strongly suggest providing us with your measurements.   You can definitely choose a stock size but we cannot guarantee the best fit for you since everyone's body size and structure is different.   A size 6, for example, may fit great on you but it may not fit quite right on someone else that may normally wear a size 6.  If you need to return your dress because you chose a stock size and it does not fit there is a 25% restocking fee that will come out of the total refund amount.   

The order process is pretty simple.  Below are step by step instructions.  

Click on either the image to enter the ordering screen

​Click on the drop down button under size.  This is if you want a stock size. 

Next, click on the drop down for your color.  This is mandatory to complete.  It won't let you get to 
the check out screen without completing this. If there is another drop down menu beneath this this one
to choose another color this also needs to be completed to check out.  If you are not sure about the color,
we suggest ordering a fabric swatch

In order to choose your personal sizes that you have measured for the best fit these drop down menus need to be 

​The Date Needed By fields needs to be completed and you will not 
be able to check out without this date. We need to make sure that the dressmaker
has enough time to make the dress and you receive it by your need by date. 

If you need a rush on your dress please review the FAQs page on what is 
considered a rush before ordering.  There is a $29.99 charge for this service.  You will 
need to check the box next to Rush Orders

When you are finished click on the Add to Cart button and it will bring you to the check out screen. 

You be taken to a screen that looks like this:   Click on the check out button

The rest of the check out will walk you through filling out your information and billing.  If you have any questions 
about these please let us know.